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Kataztrofee is an American Hip-Hop duo consisting Fort Worth Natives Eric “Victory” Johnson and Shannon “Mr. Arrogant” Speed. Victory and Mr Arrogant met in middle school and both quickly became well known for participating in freestyle battles around the city. It didn’t take long for them to realize they were better as a group. As their talents blossomed, the two decided on the name “Kataztrofee” after searching the dictionary for words that fit their style. They are best known for shaking up any atmosphere with their assured demeanor, and compelling energy. Although the name derived from the root word catastrophe, they decided to change up the spelling a little. You may notice the cleverly placed word “Fee” at the end, instead of correct “phe”. As all natural catastrophe’s come with a price some way or another, so does this Kataztrofee.Their unique color filled attire and innovative thinking separates them from any rap group coming out in this day and age, as well as those before them. Since the duo released their first single, and music video, Polo Polo Polo, they have been making some serious noise, catching attention from top executives at major labels to the Tom’s, Dick’s, and Harry’s in your local neighborhood. At this point, not very many people know the song but know their faces from their cross country and international travels. Trust, it won’t be long before Kataztrofee is a household name. Mr. Arrogant and Victory contrast lyrical content reflecting the lifestyles of swaged out fly guys, with self- motivational material, yet they manage to blend in with the party lifestyle, as well as speaking on the sometimes harsh realities of everyday life. The rap duos musical talent is best classed as “originally out of the box”, as their every existence drive them to create new sounds, and new ways of thinking. Making it look “cool” comes so natural to them that it’s literally icing on the cake to anyone that is looking to partner up and give them their big break.The Kataztrofee story is still being written as they are charging ahead with such vigor that they leave a smoldering trail in their wake. Stay tuned as these young entrepreneurs, along with their right hand man Keitrick “K-Smoove” Morris, and their family of brilliant producers, talented artists, and gifted actors build a brand that will be noted in history as a brand that captivated audiences and took the world by storm.

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